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New Welcome Packet!

August 6, 2007. We are pleased to present our final version for all G2 residents. Whether you are a new G2 resident, or have been established here for a while, this information is for you.
[Download G2 Welcome Packet] Link removed. Hardcopy available from the G2 HOA Board.
This Zip archive contains six PDF documents. You will need a PDF viewer such as Adobe Acrobat Reader or Apple Preview to read the documents. We look forward to your comments, suggestions, and support.

July 18, 9 p.m. The HOA Board voted unanimously to approve the Welcome Packet with specific change recommendations. Such recommendations to be provided by Susan Johnson and Alan Haffner. UPDATE: August 5, all comments received and included in the final version. See above.
[Download the Preface to the beta version]

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Preface to Public Beta

This is a one-page message from Welcome Committee Chairperson about how the project was developed.

On behalf of the Welcome Committee, I offer this Welcome Packet for approval (or approval with recommended changes) by the G2 HOA Board. And I urge all residents to read it in order to better understand the G2 community.

Our team developed this document through two months of concentrated volunteer work. Despite our best efforts, we appreciate that there is always room for improvement. We have checked for errors, but a few may have squeaked by. We have written to clarify, but unclear areas may remain. We have attempted to find a balance between a friendly “get acquainted” tone and serious practical guidelines. Some readers may perceive our document weighted one way or the other. Some people might prefer more (or less) historical background; others might prefer more (or less) HOA governance information.

The Welcome Committee wrestled with all these issues. I feel we constituted a good cross-section of the G2 community. And indeed, committee members advocated different points-of-view in our deliberations. Our group included one ArtsDeco renter, a number corresponding to the percentage of ArtsDeco renters. Our group included three women and two men. One of our members is a relative newcomer. Another member resides as part of a married couple, while the rest are singles. And all committee participants are active in other G2 activities.

We did not always agree, and everyone was pressed to persuade the others or be persuaded in turn. Such is the dynamic of healthy deliberation. To settle questions we could not unanimously consent to, we agreed to the following principles from the beginning:
• We agree to listen to all points of view.
• We agree to review all proposed materials in open discussion. No material is guaranteed automatic inclusion or exclusion.
• We agree to vote about what materials will be included or omitted. We further agree to edit or modify materials through a committee process.

I thank the committee members Marcia, Dave, Maya, and Margarite for their earnest efforts. G2 has never had such an excellent single-source compendium of historical background, accurate governance information, and useful guidance. You can take pride in this work.

Welcome Letter

- Very brief, warm welcoming letter which can be signed by the committee members and also by Board members. This letter should be very short, on the order of three or four sentences to welcome our new neighbor(s) and invite them to review the packet.
- Use our G2 Live/Work logo, as can most of the other pages.

Initial author: Not assigned. Rafael took a first pass.
= = = = =
Welcome Letter, version 1. [Word] or [PDF]
Daves comments to v1, [Word] (Suggests adding personal contact info to signatures)
= = = = =

Welcome Letter, v2. [Word] (Incorporates edits from July 11 meeting)

Historical Background and Ethos

- Goodman Building history.
- Original buyer qualifications and the ongoing interest in maintaining a building for artist use.

Initial author: Marcia and Maya
= = = = =
G2 History, version 1. [Word] or [PDF]
Edit comments from Linda Schanfein, June 18 [Word] or [PDF]
Edit comments from Rafael, June 19 [Word] or [PDF]
Edit comments from Dave, July 6, (added to Linda Schanfein's) [Word]
= = = = =
G2 History_v2, edited version by Rafael. [Word] or [PDF]. Text edited for clarity and accuracy. Blueprint image of G2 floor plan added.
= = = = =

G2 History, version 2a. [Word]. Incorporates edits from July 11 meeting.

How We Govern Ourselves (Structure)

Brief overview of the association, committees, owners, tenants, and how they all fit together in the G2 situation.

Initial author: Rafael
= = = = =
G2 Republic, version 2 [Word] [PDF]
Edits performed: v2 shows "citizens" changed to "residents", as suggested in review meeting. Also added G2 Extra URL. Removed manager's contact info since that now appears in other sources.
Dave replies: No edits needed.
= = = = =

How We Govern Ourselves, v1. [Word] (Incorporates edits from July 11 meeting, including title change and ArtsDeco manager addition)

Helpful Tips (Including House Rules)

- Move-in tips (debris, cardboard boxes, etc)
- Regularly scheduled HOA Board meetings, and how to post a question in advance.
- A few pointers about common area policy (quiet hours, where to find the events form, placement of objects in the common area)

Initial author: Margarite
= = = = =
Tips, version 1 [PDF] [Word]
Margarite says: "Folks: This is still in somewhat skeletal form. I plan, of course, to make it less cryptic. Where I have put question marks, please fill in if you know answer, have info. "
Dave's suggestions. [Word] [PDF]
= = = = =
Tips, v2a [Word] (Incorporates feedback from Dave, Marcia, and Rafael. Additional editing and formatting by Rafael)
= = = = =
= = = = =
Tips, v3 [Word] (Incorporates additional revision sessions from Rafael and Dave)
= = = = =

Tips v4. This is the final published version in the 2007 edition. This version incorporates approved edits from the G2 HOA Board provided at the July 2007 regular board meeting. [Word] or [PDF]

Resident Directory

- Resident list
- A very few important contact numbers (manager, plumber, board members)
- Yahoo group address. Note: All the above raw material is available on Yahoo group

Initial author: Dave
= = = = =
G2 Directory v2. (Word) (this was the first draft)
G2 Directory v2.5, [Word] or [PDF] (edits: added emergency info, noted missing info)
= = = = =
G2 Directory v3 [Word] July 6, from Dave. This incorporates info and comments from prior meeting.
= = = = =

G2 Owners/Residents Directory v4 [Word] Removes parenthesis, and adds a slash (/) between owner / resident. Incorporates edits agreed on July 11 meeting.

Invitation to Exhibit

Invitation design (v2)
This is a card invitation to participate in the art of the building and can also introduce the Program Committee. This piece is a stand-alone element that does not follow the 8.5 x 11 format of the other pages. Instead it will be set up for a custom size laser printer card stock.

Initial author: Maya
= = = = =
Invitation, rtf2. Options: [Word file, needs Gills Sans] [PDF] [JPG] (converted by RO)
Comment from Rafael, July 6. [Word] [PDF]
= = = = =

Invitation, v3. [Word] Incorporates edits from July 11 meeting. (by RO) (text changes, logo added)


Inexpensive packaging materials to be considered:
- Some sort of simple envelope and label
- A simple, inexpensive plastic sleeve for the single pages. Clear report sleeves are available that can hold about 10 pages with a spine that slides on.

Person responsible: TBD. Rafael took an initial pass.
= = = = =
Rafael purchased a folder (89 cents) and made a small label. Cost is estimated at $1.50/unit for folder and color pages. Does not include labor.

Around the Neighborhood (optional)

- A simple list of local eateries, coffee shops, groceries, bars, mail service, and shops.

This is currently an optional document, but may be worth incorporating at an later date when resources become available.

Initial author: TBD

Note: a "focus group" of two newcomers in June 2007 suggested neighborhood information. [See Research for details]

For committee members

Presentation. Thursday, Sept 6. HOA Board meeting.

Our technical goal is to produce all of the elements above using easily available tools: our laser or ink jet printers and software like Word, Pages, PageMaker, and InDesign. This will allow us to update or change the elements quickly, and will also reduce production costs.

Since the packet contents are single standard letter-size pages most content elements will be written to fit a single page.

IMPORTANT: Please save your work in a format that we can all download and share. Use only these extensions: (.doc) or (.pdf) or (.jpg - for images).

Word template and G2 logo

Suggested to brand and format your document
To download files
: PC, right click. | Mac, control click.
Here's a Word template that contains the G2 logo. (700 KB)
Here's the G2 logo as a separate graphic. (230 KB, JPG).

TIP for using PDFs: Open the file directly by double clicking. The PDF viewer (Acrobat, Preview, etc) may provide a text tool to copy text. You can then paste text into Word in order to suggest edits.
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