End of Nature: Art Proposal for G2

July 8, 2007: We thank the G2 Program Committee for unanimously voting to recommend the End of Nature installation to the G2 HOA Board.
[Proposal, PDF] | [G2 Event/Exhibit form, PDF]

Revised Mockup: The Elevator-Hallway Area


First Mockup

The original mockup above showed the western atrium wall. The other atrium walls were to also feature images and written statements. The original version of the proposal requested installation in the atrium. The second, and approved version, uses the hallway entrance area. See "Message to G2 residents" below.

Image Samples for Walls

These images are from the initial phase, some of which will be used on the walls along with textual material.







End of Nature


Rafael Olivas and Auguste Raffael, with contributions from Tony Vaughan, Dave Holsonback and Joshua Abramson.


The End of Nature is an installation of flower images mounted to wooden stakes, supplemented with additional images and text. The installation consists of about 60 wooden stakes, each with an image of a flower attached. These stakes will be assembled into an arrangement against two walls near the second-floor elevator. (The “staked flowers” were recently installed in an abandoned warehouse and photographed.) We will place photographs, graphics, and printed text on two walls as shown on the next page. The images will refer to the warehouse installation, which included homeless participants who were living in the warehouse and who helped in the process.


The mockup shows a rough approximation of how the materials will be presented. The wooden material will be placed on a plastic sheet to protect the floor. Ample room will be left for foot traffic. The images below are samples of some of the images we will use in the installation.


We propose to begin installation on Saturday, July 21, 2007. We are allowing for a two-day process. We are requesting that the installation be granted residency through early October. We can remove the installation before any Open Studios projects.


The inspiration for this work comes from The End of Nature, a book by Bill McKibben, first published in 1989 and now considered a classic. It was the first general audience text to call attention to global warming. Our own work draws inspiration from the title and message. Our materials and presentation are deliberately designed to elicit questioning about our attitudes towards the natural world. Our project explores how our species not merely changes–and often destroys– nature, but also how we deceive ourselves in pursuit of commanding nature.
Our initial message to G2

Dear G2 Program Committee and all G2 residents,
Please consider this proposal for an installation at G2 from the artists named in this proposal. We believe G2 is an excellent site for this work, especially considering the varied activist and artistic pedigrees of the G2 community. We hope the Program Committee will reccomend our project to the HOA board. Naturally, we will provide the signed Exhibit Form and deposit check to the G2 HOA. Thank you for your consideration.

The End of Nature team is modifying our proposal to use the hallway area near the elevator on the second floor. We are voluntarily relocating to accommodate fellow resident Kirk Stoller's desire to use the atrium for his exhibition. As chance would have it, both Kirk and our team had hoped to use the atrium at the same time. Kirk and I discussed the issue, and I also sought input from my team. We offered to make the atrium exclusively available to Kirk. We want to extend goodwill to our fellow residents. This is a good way to do that.
Invitation to Particpate