Guidelines in Detail

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Text can be up to 1500 words, and should fit on one to three pages using normal sized font and spacing. This corresponds to about 10 minutes of reading time.


Each piece should have at least one author identified; multiple authors are also possible. But no submission should be anonymous. This guideline is meant to properly credit author(s) and to encourage accountability for point-of-view, ideas, and criticism.


Any topic, including controversial issues about living, working, or participating at G2 can be addressed. Sample topics include: making art, exhibiting art, the original Goodman vision, participation, events policy, the HOA Board, elections, the Program Committee, the CC&Rs, the Bylaws, the Garden Committee, quiet hours policy, Artsdeco, the media center, the theater, alternative forms of organization, emotional experiences of G2, and so forth.


A good forum will offer opportunities for expression, including controversial topics and strongly held opinions. But such a forum cannot be a true community platform if it permits character attacks, vendettas, slander, or unsupportable claims. Of the four guidelines, this is perhaps the most crucial.

For example,
  • If individuals or groups must be identified in order to make a point, only activities or actions are appropriate to evaluate.
  • Hurling insults will not be considered protected speech. Peaceful confrontation (acceptable) is ethically preferable to aggression (not acceptable).
  • Ad hominem fallacies (“against the person”) will not be accepted—nor will sweeping attacks and loaded questions that explicitly or implicitly denigrate character.
Refer to the Forum Supplement for recommendations on how to champion your point-of-view in a civil way.

The guidelines provide for ease of use and fairness; these are not restrictions on freedom of expression, only a way to make sure that expression is responsible. The Forum Supplement provides recommendations for handling controversy and writing compelling essays on challenging subjects.