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A Mysterious and Changing Company

Author: Tony Vaughn

Subtitle: My Personal History as a Member of The Goodman Building Arts Community

Excerpt: The Goodman Group was an amalgam of artists and teachers who lived in a century-old Victorian hotel at the edge of The Western Addition in San Francisco. The building had housed mostly artists for more then 60 years. At the time a chain of events had placed the building in grave danger of the wrecking ball and bulldozer.

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Building the Art Ark

Author: Tony Vaughn

Excerpt: Martha (Senger) is talking about the final stages of design a new building—the Ark—a surprising idea that is rapidly becoming an actuality. She says, “. . . I see the Ark as a kind of urban space probe—a place where exploration can be carried out right here—in the middle of San Francisco.”

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Learning to Govern Ourselves

Author: Rafael Olivas

Excerpt: In the earliest days of G2 some voices advocated somewhat freewheeling alternatives to more conventional self-governance. Several of the original supporters of the project brought their interests in social theory and experimentation to G2, hoping or expecting to put such ideas into practice. Such interests inevitably collided with the reality that G2 was legally founded with a homeowners’ association.

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A Mysterious and Changing Company, by Tony Vaughn
Building the Art Ark, by Tony Vaughn
Learning to Govern Ourselves, by Rafael Olivas

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