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Lofty Ideals

Author: John McCloud

Published article: January 15, 1995, San Francisco Examiner

Excerpt: Holliday agreed to build a 29-unit loft complex for ARTSDECO and sell it to the nonprofit for $2.1 million. ARTSDECO then planned to rent the units to low-income artists, with first preference going to former Goodman Building residents.

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Making Good

Author: Amy Linn

Published article: August 2, 1995, SF Weekly

Excerpt: "Certain theorists recognize that chaos is not disorder -- it's a source of infinitely complex order," says Senger, executive director of the Artspace Development Corporation (ARTSDECO), the nonprofit dedicated to building what's been dubbed the Goodman 2, a reincarnation of the original Goodman building, the artists mecca and cause celèbre from which 26 tenants were evicted in 1983.

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Artists Leave Goodman Building

Author: Katy Butler

Published article: July 29, 1983, San Francisco Chronicle

Excerpt: "About 25 artists packed their belongings and left the historic Goodman Building yesterday, ending a 10-year struggle to stay in the hotel and avoiding forcible removal by sheriff's deputies."

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