About the Forum

How does the Forum work?

We've set up the Forum to be easy and fair. Simply email your contribution (text, photo, or graphic) to the committee. The committee evaluates contributions against the guidelines. If accepted, the essay will be posted to this site. A general email announcement will be made. If not accepted, an explanation will be sent to the author. The committee strives to review material within 14 days.

How did this Forum get started?

Rafael submitted a proposal to the G2 HOA Board of Directors at the March 2007 board meeting. That proposal suggested how written essays might help G2 residents understand each others points of view. [Read the original proposal]

On May 17, 2007, the board voted to establish the Essay Forum as specified in the proposal. Rafael was named a committee member. He agreed to recruit two other committee members as co-equals. The committee was established with an open-ended directive for personnel and timeframe. Initial committee members are Dave Holsonback, Tony Vaughan, and Rafael Olivas.

How do I get my contribution to you?

Write what's on your mind using Word or any text editor. Add some images if you like. Save the document, and attach in an email to the Forum committee.

Who can contribute?

Anyone with an interest in G2 can offer or respond.

Can I offer poems or photos instead of an essay?

Yes. Photos, graphics, and poems are all acceptable. A title and/or caption is helpful. Submit images as JPG, PDF, or in a Word document.

What about controversies?

Besides the four guidelines, the committee has written a supplement. It contains information on how to handle disagreements and criticism. It also offers recommendations for writing a compelling essay. [Read the supplemental information]

Write it. Send it!