Extra, Extra

The G2 Welcome Packet is available as a PDF file by request through the G2 HOA Board.

New art installation proposal for Program Committee and HOA Board.

Due to helpful feedback, I've had a change of heart about the G2 Discussion. The Discussion is now a "positive-only" zone. I hope this change helps everyone feel more welcome and comfortable. [Read the message]
Do you have something positive to offer? The G2 Discussion Board is ready for your opinions, suggestions, and inspirations. Registration is immediate! It's all about freedom of expression. So express yourself!

Speaking of freedom of expression, the Essay Forum is officially taking submissions! The forum aims to promote essays, poems, opinions, or even images. Anyone can submit a piece and anyone can respond. I'm pleased to introduce two essays by Tony Vaughn (and one from myself). Read, reflect, respond!
Hey, check out the Welcome Packet. I can't believe we never had this before! I never realized how much we needed this. And now it's clear, more clear than it's ever been.
-- Eric Cartman, "honorary G2 resident"